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Who We Are

Front Runners & Walkers Fort Lauderdale, is not only an LGBTQA friendly running and walking group, it also has a social component that provides a supportive environment for its membership.  The group offers activities designed for runners and walkers of all abilities. Although the group primarily has a LGBTQ membership we welcome people from all walks of life and see diversity as a strength. The club seeks to build bridges of belonging across south Florida's running & walking communities.

Member's Spotlight

Christie Henderson

In addition to being the subject of our MEMBER SPOTLIGHT, we are stoked to have Christie joining our Board of Directors as our Triathlon Coordinator. 

More about Christie in her own words:

My life has always been on a path of discovery. As time goes in the more enlightened I become with the world around me and understand what is about life to be Rich! Rich in living life, not money rich. 

Born and raised in New Zealand at 28, I migrated to Australia for 5 years then immigrated to America in 2001. Since then I’ve traveled the world with my career as a Marine Engineer.

From an early age I was always into all her story here.



Best Sport Team  and Best Sport League- FRWFL

Thanks to all our members and friends that voted for us. 

In an upset this year Frontrunners sped past its competition to take the top spot for Best Sports Team and Best Sports League.

Front Runners is a running and walking group offering a supportive environment for members, welcoming LGBT people from all areas of life.

Frontrunners beat out the gay softball league, who won Best League for the last seven years. Last year Frontrunners tied for first place for Best Sports Team but this year they stood at the podium all alone.

“We are a team built on individual accomplishments, but we truly encourage each other and celebrate each other's efforts and victories,” Eric Runyan, the organization’s president, said last year. “We are a family that encourages excellence but prizes progress.”

Runner-up for Best Sports League: SFAAA

Runner-up for Best Sports Team: The Pub Riptide

FRWFL in the News!

They’re here. They’re queer. And they want to see you off the couch and into a better and healthier lifestyle.

The Front Runners & Walkers of Fort Lauderdale is bringing back its Couch to 5K program starting 6:45 p.m. on Feb. 22 at Holiday Park.

The program is free and open to the community. But what’s the catch? Nothing.....

Youth Race Grants

In order to promote the sport of running, racing and general health among LGBTQ Young Adults (18-22) who are residents of Broward County Florida, Front Runners & Walkers Fort Lauderdale is offering a limited number of Race Grants worth up to $50 to pay whole or in part for races in Broward CountyJump to our Race Grants page to apply.

Where To Find Us

Join us for a run or walk.

Wednesday at 7PM

3, 4  or 6 mile Run or Walk

Holiday Park (Between the Gymnasium and the Football Fields), Fort Lauderdale

Saturday at 7:30 AM

3, 4 or 6 mile Run or Walk

Galleria Mall 

Meet behind the Bank of America, west end of the mall, Fort Lauderdale

Sunday at 5:00 PM

3, 4 or 6 mile Run or Walk

Pride Center, Wilton Manors

 What's Coming Up

Looking for this month's social? Jump to our Social Page

Flanigan's Rib Run 10K and Water Stop

Sunday, November 19th, 7AM at Miramar Regional Park

Or 5AM at the Pride Center Wilton Manors to Car Pool

Many of our members will be participating in the this 10K run which is one of our designated FRWFL Club Races - This means race incentive grants and a discount code are available for FRWFL members on our members-only site . We have also volunteered to help with the water stop for the race. There will be free beer and ribs for all racers and volunteers. Please let us know here if you will be volunteering or racing. If you plan to run, register for the race here

Coming up soon...

St. Pete Run Fest

November 10-12, 2023

Join us for this great weekend away.  The festival has a race for everyone: a 5K (for runners or walkers), a 10K and a Half Marathon. What's more, we have a excellent vacation rental house within walking distance of the festival that will be our FRWFL Club House for the weekend. It's only $275/person accommodations for the weekend and we have a discount code and FRWFL Race Grants available to easy the cost of race registration. See all the details on our dedicated page: Have doubts? See our fun pics from last year's weekend!

New for this Race Season!

Strava Challenges Grand Prize

Strava is an app that can run on your phone or smartwatch to track your runs, walks and other athletic activities. If you use another tracker app, most will sync to the Strava Platform. Each month a "Challenge" is issued for Running and one for Walking. We also encourage other club members by giving them "kudos" for their workouts. At the 2024 Annual Banquet will will have a Strava Challenges Grand Prize Drawing. Here is how you participate: 

The Strava Challenges Grand Prize for this Race Season run from October 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024 will culminate with a drawing to be held at the Annual Banquet in May 2024. One winner will be drawn for the Running Category and one for the Walking Category. 

The actual prizes have yet to be determined, but we expect them to be of some significant value.

Participants must be members in good standing of FRWFL at the time of the drawing and must be members during any month in which they accumulate virtual tickets.

Participants accumulate virtual tickets by actively participating in a Strava Challenge each month. Each month there will be a 50 km Walking Challenge and 100 km Running Challenge. 

Members must choose to participate either in the Running Category or The Walking Category. Due to the possibility of injury by a runner, or walker who wishes to start running, members may change categories once during the term of this contest, by notifying the Club President.

Participants will earn one (1) virtual ticket when they complete at least 50% of their challenge and may earn one (1) additional virtual ticket when they complete over 100% of their challenge. (e.g. A walker who complete 25km earns 1 ticket while one who completes 51km earns 2 tickets)

Members may join the contest at any time, but increase their odds in the drawing by joining early.

Although members may use any tracking app that syncs to Strava, only results in Strava will be considered official. 

The official Ticket Tally will be viewable in our Members only Website

As this is the first instance of this contest the Board reserves the right to alter the rules if necessary.

Don't miss a kilometer! Join October's Strava Challenges:

Holiday Party 

Saturday, December 2nd, 6-9:30PM

Get your early bird tickets before the price increases $5 on the day after Thanksgiving. The price is $31 for Members and $41 for Non-Members. We want all members to be able to join in the festivities regardless of their finances. If you'd like to assist with setup and teardown of the event in exchange for reduced admission please email Eric to volunteer.

The event features delicious catering and complementary wine, beer and soft drinks. The menu and more details will be announced soon!

There will be a gift exchange game. Please bring an UNWRAPPED gift, $20 or less in value.

Please purchase your tickets today to help us plan for this great event.

Training Club Workout

Formerly Supplemental Training

By our Race Coordinators Guillermo & Ivan

Training Club on Hollywood Broadwalk

Run & Dinner

Thursday, November 9th, 6PM

There are few more beautiful strips to run in South Florida than the Hollywood Broadwalk. Bring a a dry shirt for dinner after training at one of the many local seaside spots.

The committee for the FRWFL 5k Race tentatively in conjunction with Pride Fort Lauderdale in February of 2024 needs volunteers. Here are some of the positions for which we need volunteers, please go to Love wins tab for more information

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