Love Wins 5K

February 2024, Fort Lauderdale Beach

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The committee for the FRWFL 5k Race tentatively in conjunction with Pride Fort Lauderdale in February of 2024 needs volunteers. Here are some of the positions for which we need volunteers:

Race Director: The overall leader of the committee responsible for planning, organizing, and executing the race. This person sets the vision and direction for the event, manages the budget, and oversees all committee members.

Course Director: This person is responsible for designing and mapping out the race course, including identifying potential hazards and determining aid station locations.

Volunteer Coordinator: Coordinates the recruitment and management of volunteers for various roles such as course marshals, aid station workers, and registration staff.

Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator: Develops and implements marketing strategies to promote the race and manages media relations.

Sponsorship Coordinator: Responsible for securing and managing sponsorships and partnerships with businesses and organizations. 

Registration Coordinator: Manages the registration process, including online registration, packet pickup, and race-day registration.

Timing and Results Coordinator: Responsible for the accuracy of timing equipment, collection of results, and announcing winners.

Safety Coordinator: Oversees the safety of all participants, spectators, and volunteers, including medical support and emergency response plans.

Operations Coordinator: Responsible for logistics such as equipment rental, transportation, and setup/teardown of the race site.

Finance Coordinator: Manages the race budget and financial transactions, including sponsorships, registration fees, and expenses.

Please email for for more information