Strava Challenges Grand Prize

Strava is an app for your phone or smartwatch that can be used to track your runs and/or walks. The club uses it as a means to offer each other "kudos" when we complete a workout.  Members who participate, following the rules below, will be entered in a Grand Prize Drawing at our Annual Banquet in May 2024. It is not based mostly on having the highest milage but more on consistent participation. See all the rules below.

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Running 100KM Challenge or Walking 50KM Challenge

Strava Challenges Grand Prize Rules

30The Strava Challenges Grand Prize for this Race Season run from October 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024 will culminate with a drawing to be held at the Annual Banquet in May 2024. One winner will be drawn for the Running Category and one for the Walking Category. 

Strava Grand Prize Tickets & Mileage
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