FRWFL Triathlon Team

City Bikes Las Olas Triathlon

Sunday, April 14th

Las Olas Oceanside Park

Join our triathlon team for a Sprint, Olympic or Duathlon race. ou can find our discount code in our Members Only Area. Register and join our team. As a FRWFL Club Race this is eligible for our Race Incentive Grants 

Many of our triathlons are Race Incentive eligible if you'd like to give it a shot with little risk. Would you like more information? Just email Eric Runyan, club President

Strava Challenges

March Triathlon Leaderboards

Swim 5K Challenge

Phil Jam H    6.5 km

Eric Runyan    5.6 km

Keith Shoemaker    2.5 km

Michael Hall    2.3 km

Bike 200K Challenge

Rafael Agne    331.3 km

Michael Nendick    295.8 km

Thomas Nguyen    170.6 km

Eric Runyan    109.6 km

miguelanjel ODell-Perez    57.3 km

Phil Jam H    6.1 km

Chris Dumas    3.8 km


Run 100K

Bike 200km

Swim 5k

Training Locations

Birch State Park, Fort Lauderdale Beach

Whiskey Creek Hideout in Eula Johnson Park, Dania Beach