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Christie Henderson

In addition to being the subject of our MEMBER SPOTLIGHT for, we are stoked to have Christie joining our Board of Directors as our Triathlon Coordinator. 

More about Christie in her own words:

My life has always been on a path of discovery.  As time goes in the more enlightened I become with the world around me and understand what is about life to be Rich! Rich in living life, not money rich. 

Born and raised in New Zealand, at 28 I migrated to Australia for 5 years then immigrated to America in 2001. Since then I’ve traveled the world with my career as a Marine Engineer.

From an early age I was always into sports! Though my schools days I won many school cross country running races, track and field and swimming . Once I learned how to ride a bike you couldn’t keep me off it so I raced BMX for 7 years though my teens until I had a bad crash at 17. By 20 I’ve had both knee reconstruction due to ACL’s and was told my running days and sports days were over! I also started sailing when I was 6 so no stranger to water. 

By the time I reached 35, I took a fall and it made me realized how unfit and unhealthy I was. That’s not me ! That’s not what I’m about! 

So I started walking then slowly walking, then walking and running a little. For the next 3 years the pain in my leg ankles, etc never made me stop and give up and today, now aged 51, I’ve completed in many Olympic Triathlons 1/2 marathons and did my first 70.3 Ironman!  All this in the last 12 years. So anything is possible in life!

At aged 50 I changed my direction in life. Made it important to me and not society! I’m happy for it and it’s opened my self conscious to the world around me.

Now I want to complete in the New York marathon this year and doing a full Ironman is my next goal.  I’m full of the energy full of life and want to help others make that change in their lives for a better healthy life for themselves.

Kind Regards 

Christie Henderson

Race Scholarship Recipient & First Time Racer Crushes St Pete Half Marathon

Ivan Tkachenko 

So, I survived my first half marathon and enjoyed so much that I thought I would share my story. I finished my FIRST half-marathon with time 01:42:26 and pace 07:49, age group 19th and gender 93rd place.

My name is Ivan, I am 39 and originally, I am from Ukraine. Since school time I always choose running among all activities. Running has provided me with an escape. Its given me independence, strength, space, peace, and joy. After 2 months with this group, I found out that I could easily run 6-8 miles per day, and I knew I could do more. 

One day the president of the group told me about a trip to the St. Petersburg Run Fest to run a half Marathon and I without hesitation was agreed. On this trip, we had 5 FRWFL members and we had a great time, discovering Tampa, Clearwater Beach, St Petersburg downtown, nightlife, and trying new meals but I knew behind these fun activities I must prepare for my first half marathon. Obviously, I did not know anything about it and I just trusted and started to follow all advice that they told me. 

The most memorable part was that a group of people can support you and be with you in this important part of your life and be sincerely happy then you achieve your own goal. I will never forget Kevin's “Power up ” that gave me a lot of energy during the run, Mike and Justin gave me support, and Eric the motivation. No matter how many half marathons I will run in my lifetime, I don't think I will forget that experience and the people who were around me.

I strongly believe that this group gives you more than just run, they give you a social environment, motivation, support, happiness, and friendship. I am proud to be a member of Front Runners and Walkers Fort Lauderdale and grateful for the Race Scholarship I was awarded.

Ernesto Gutierrez Completes First Sprint Triathlon

1:26.26 Finish Time for the Mack Cycle Sprint Tri Trilogy #2

Second year member, Ernesto Gutierrez finished strong in the Mack Cycle Sprint Triathlon in Key Biscayne on July 21, 2019. Ernesto has trained for over 6 month's with our Tri-Training Crew to complete this goal. He overcame what is often the greatest fear for runners who decide to attempt a triathlon - a concern about the strength of one's swimming skills. But he kept at it, and like most people found out that swimming in open water successfully is mostly a mental challenge, especially when other competitors might accidentally kick you in the head...that and staying ahead of the alligators, LOL.  His training teammates, Pedro, Miguel, Eric R, Hero, Sal, Eric E and John congratulate him as do all the members of Front Runners and Walkers Fort Lauderdale. 

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Member's Spotlight

Keys 100

The 13th annual KEYS100 was held the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, May 16 and 17, 2020. A point to point race starting at Key Largo  for 100 miles over the scenic highway  to Key West.  Front Runners had two teams represented this year.  

Congratulations to our Front Runners

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