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Fort Lauderdale's Premier LGBTQ Running and Walking Club

Who We Are

Front Runners and Walkers of Fort Lauderdale, besides being a running and walking group,  also offers a social component that provides a supportive environment for its membership.  The group offers activities particularly designed for runners, but not exclusively for, the LGBTQ membership. The club welcomes people from all walks of life. Visitors are always welcome to join us.

Member's Spotlight and News

FRWFL Island City Canoe Race Team Congratulations!! 

Let's give a big shout out to our team for the IC Canoe Relay. We lost no one at sea and even managed to not finish last. Most importantly as you can see from the pics a great time was had by all.  



Best Sport Team  and Best Sport League- FRWFL

Thanks to all our members and friends that voted for us. 

In an upset this year Frontrunners sped past its competition to take the top spot for Best Sports Team and Best Sports League.

Front Runners is a running and walking group offering a supportive environment for members, welcoming LGBT people from all areas of life.

Frontrunners beat out the gay softball league, who won Best League for the last seven years. Last year Frontrunners tied for first place for Best Sports Team but this year they stood at the podium all alone.

“We are a team built on individual accomplishments, but we truly encourage each other and celebrate each other's efforts and victories,” Eric Runyan, the organization’s president, said last year. “We are a family that encourages excellence but prizes progress.”

Runner-up for Best Sports League: SFAAA

Runner-up for Best Sports Team: The Pub Riptide

FRWFL in the News!

They’re here. They’re queer. And they want to see you off the couch and into a better and healthier lifestyle.

The Front Runners & Walkers of Fort Lauderdale is bringing back its Couch to 5K program starting 6:45 p.m. on Feb. 22 at Holiday Park.

The program is free and open to the community. But what’s the catch? Nothing.....

Where To Find Us

Join us for a run or walk.

Wednesday at 7PM

3, 4  or 6 mile Run or Walk

Holiday Park (Between the Gymnasium and the Football Fields), Fort Lauderdale

Saturday at 7:30 AM

3, 4 or 6 mile Run or Walk

Galleria Mall 

Meet behind the Bank of America, west end of the mall, Fort Lauderdale

Sunday at 6:00 PM

3, 4 or 6 mile Run or Walk

Pride Center, Wilton Manors

 What's Coming Up

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Couch to 5k New Runner Training Continues

It's not to late to jump in!

There is still plenty of time for you or a friend to get ready for our goal race  - the Pride Center's Rainbow 5K on April 30th. 

We need current runner's to help train the newbies. Please volunteer here.

Couch to 5K Returns

Beginning on Wed, February 22, 2023, 6:45PM @ Holiday Park the Front Runners & Walkers Fort Lauderdale (FRWFL) will offer a FREE nine week training program for new or aspiring runners. Individuals who participate regularly through the nine weeks will receive a free registration for our goal race, The Pride Center's Rainbow 5K on April 30, 2023. The training will be offered three times each week during our club's regular meetup times/locations. Membership in FRWFL is not required. You may join anytime. To register or for more information Click Here.

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